Visiting our Chapels of Rest

Taunton’s beautiful and peaceful Chapel of Rest

During the days leading up to the funeral, your loved one will be placed in one of our private Chapels of Rest in our facilities in Taunton or Wiveliscombe. Taunton Funeral Service encourages the family and close friends of the loved one to visit as they wish, laying special items and spending moments of quiet reflection in our tranquil surroundings.

Viewing your loved one

You are most welcome to visit our Chapels of Rest to bid your farewells to your loved one before the funeral ceremony. Our kind and caring family run team will let you know the times this service is normally available, and will go to every effort to accommodate your requests should you wish to visit your loved one outside of regular hours. 

Placing personal items

It can sometimes be a comfort to grieving friends and family members to place personal items with their loved one. Please do not hesitate if you wish to place books, jewellery, photographs or any other items holding special memories in the Chapels of Rest alongside your loved one.