Types of funerals

Traditional and humanist funerals in Taunton

A funeral service is an intensely personal thing, and there are many different types available. Our experienced and compassionate team at Taunton Funeral Services will be at your side as you decide between traditional religious ceremonies, humanist funerals, cremations, or non-religious services. We will guide and support you as you make plans to celebrate the life of your loved one.  

Choosing religious services

If you or your loved one held religious beliefs, we are happy to accommodate these into the funeral ceremony. We will go to every effort to ensure that a minister of your chosen beliefs can carry out the service and include hymns, readings and other religious aspects in order to create a beautiful and sacred atmosphere. 

Accommodating non-religious services

We also perform non-religious funeral ceremonies. In these services, you may wish for certain favourite songs of your loved one to be played, favourite poems or quotes to be read, and a non-religious official performing the ceremony. Taunton Funeral Service will assist in planning and arranging all aspects of this ceremony to celebrate the life of your loved one. 

Humanist funerals and memorials

If your loved one wished to have a humanist funeral service, Taunton Funeral Service can assist with the planning and organising of this ceremony. This service will provide a personal and uplifting way to remember them and honour their life, and can be held in a cemetery, crematorium, or woodland burial site in accordance with your preferences. 

Compassionate cremation services

Many people in Taunton and Wiveliscombe choose cremation each year, and we are happy to be able to accommodate these services. Using a local crematorium, this ceremony is a touching and emotional way to bid farewell to a loved one. 

Guiding you through burial options

There are many burial options available, such as traditional burial in a cemetery, woodland burials, and scattering cremation ashes. This may seem overwhelming, but Taunton Funeral Service is here to advise and support you as you make such decisions. With 80 years of combined experience over 3 generations, our knowledgeable and caring family team will be with you every step of the way through this difficult time.