Registering a death

Advice when registering a death in Taunton

Losing a loved one can be a shocking and upsetting event no matter what the circumstances. At Taunton Funeral Service, we will try and ease the practical burdens you face by assisting and advising on matters such as paperwork, registering a death, and obtaining a death certificate. Our compassionate family run team, operating in Taunton and Wiveliscombe, provide support and knowledge in this difficult time.

If the death occurs in a hospital

If the deceased is in hospital while the death occurs, staff will contact the next of kin and the body will be held in the hospital mortuary. The executor can then arrange for transportation to us, where our funeral preparations will begin. The hospital staff will be able to advise you on the next steps, such as applying for a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death.

If the death occurs at home

The family doctor is the first person who must be informed should your loved one pass at home. They may be able to write a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death when they visit the house, or you may need to visit their surgery to obtain it.

If the death occurs at a nursing home or hospice

If your loved one passes in a nursing home or hospice, the staff will inform you of the death and assist in applying for the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death. You may then make funeral arrangements with our sensitive team at Taunton Funeral Service.

If the death occurs suddenly

In the case of a sudden death, the doctor may report the death to a coroner. The coroner must then determine the cause of death, or carry out a post-mortem to do so, before a death certificate may be obtained. This can be a distressing time for loved ones of the deceased, and in this case Taunton Funeral Service will offer our experienced advice and emotional support in any way we can.

Registering a death with a registrar

We will advise you on how to register the death with a registrar, which is a necessary step in this procedure. Our kind and caring team will recommend the right registrar in Taunton and Wiveliscombe for your circumstances, and can ease your stress by making the appointment and accompanying you if you wish. 

What a registrar will ask you

In order to record and register the death, the registrar will ask you several questions. You should have the answers to these prepared, with documents to demonstrate the information if necessary. The questions you are asked may include:
– The full name and address of the deceased
– The place and date of birth
– The date and place of death
– The last known occupation of the deceased
– Whether the deceased was receiving any state benefits or pension
– In the case of the deceased being a married female, her maiden name
– Your full name, address and occupation as the person registering the death

Obtaining a death certificate

In the midst of losing a loved one, receiving official documents such as a death certificate may seem daunting and confusing. However, Taunton Funeral Service is available throughout Taunton and Wiveliscombe to interpret these forms, guide you through filling out paperwork, and offer emotional support.