Choosing a coffin or urn

Selecting a coffin or urn in Taunton

Selecting a coffin or an urn as your loved one’s final resting place can be an emotional moment. At Taunton Funeral Service, we do our best to support you by offering our comfort and compassionate advice. With tailored options to suit your individual wishes and budgets, our offices in Taunton and Wiveliscombe provide exceptional, independent funeral services.

Guiding you throughout the process

At Taunton Funeral Service, our family run team will be here for you throughout the process of planning a funeral. Our years of experience in funeral planning ensure that we are capable of taking care of all your needs sensitively and respectfully. We have many different options for funeral coffins or urns and will assist you in finding the perfect one for your beloved relative or friend.

Personalising caskets and urns

You can also personalise the casket or urn of your choice at an affordable price. Many people choose simple plaques or inscriptions bearing the name and dates of their loved one, as well as a small inscription of a favourite quote or religious passage. This is a touching and unique way to remember and honour them.

Environmentally friendly options

If you or your loved one wish to be buried in an environmentally-friendly coffin, Taunton Funeral Service can certainly accommodate this request. Many people choose an eco-friendly option such as a beautiful and sturdy wicker, willow, or bamboo coffin. This is an act that is kinder for the planet and can be a way to honour the environmental principles your loved one held in life.
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