Creative Post-Cremation Ideas for Your Loved Ones Ashes

After the stress of organising a funeral and grieving for your loved one, we can understand that after the day has passed it can be very overwhelming for all involved. Plus, once you receive the cremation ashes and the urn – you may not know where to place it, or what to do with it. With this in mind, we have decided to collate together creative post-cremation ideas, giving your loved one a unique final send off. 

Turn the ashes into jewellery

If your loved one had a penchant for fashion and style, and you want to keep them with you forever – a popular but nonetheless creative way to use the ashes is to turn them into a beautiful piece of jewellery. From diamond rings to pendants and glittering bracelets, memorial jewellery is a great way to treasure them forever. 

Host a firework display

Memorial fireworks use your loved ones ashes to become glittering illuminations in a spellbinding firework display. Ideal for individuals who were thrill seekers and had a bright personality, this is a great way to gather friends and family to see them literally transported to heaven. 

Support local conservation

If your loved one was passionate about the environment, and you are too, then Dorset based company Solace Reef might be the one for them. Solace Reef incorporates cremation ashes into an artificial memorial reef which contributes to a healthy sea environment allowing marine life to thrive. 

Plant a memory tree

Another great idea that utilises cremation ashes and turns it into an eco friendly project is a memory tree. With the growing popularity of green funerals around the UK, biodegradable urns are being made which helps your loved one physically give back to nature, allowing their remains to be planted for beautiful trees and plants to grow. 

Turn them into music

If your loved one had a passion for music, listening to records and attending concerts, then what better way to commemorate them by turning them into a music record? A UK based company And Vinyly, immortalises your loved ones ashes by pressing them into a record of your choice. For instance, you could choose their favourite song or a tailor made track with their voice recorded on. 

Turn them into dainty ceramics

There is nothing quite as homely as cradling a cup of tea in a lovely mug, and with US based ceramics company Chronicle Cremation Designs, you can keep your loved one close to your heart. This innovative company uses your loved ones cremations to create bespoke ceramics with stunning glazes, a piece of crockery that you can use day after day. 

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