What Are Eco Friendly Coffins?

Over recent years, our awareness of environmental issues in the UK and across the planet has grown. More and more people are making conscious decisions to do their bit for the environment – whether it’s recycling or switching to a vegan diet. Today, lots of people are looking into green, environmentally friendly funerals and would like an eco-friendly coffin instead of the traditional, non-biodegradable coffin. Below, we take a look at different environmentally friendly coffins available. Eco-friendly coffins are made from natural sustainable materials and do not harm the environment as they decompose. 

Wicker coffins

Wicker coffins are made from fast-growing plants such as bamboo, willow and banana leaves and are typically lined with unbleached, biodegradable cotton. Willow coffins are the most commonly chosen wicker coffin; willow integrates with its surrounding land well, providing a natural habitat for many species. Willow is highly renewable and tends to decompose more quickly than conventional coffin materials. 

Cardboard coffins

Cardboard coffins are becoming more common. They are made out of biodegradable cardboard and are lightweight and easy to transport. Cardboard coffins can be customised with eco-friendly paint and photographs, making them a unique and personal option. Cardboard coffins are considered the most economical biodegradable options. 

Soft wooden coffins

Soft wooden coffins maintain the look of a traditional coffin, but they’re eco-friendly and made of softwoods such as oak, maple and pine. They can be left natural or finished with eco-friendly stain or paint. 

At Taunton Funeral Service, we understand that selecting a coffin or urn as your loved one’s final resting place can be an emotional moment. With tailored options to suit your individual wishes and budgets, we’re here to guide you through the process of planning a funeral. If you or your loved one wish to be buried in an environmentally-friendly coffin, we can accommodate this request; we have eco-friendly options such as a beautiful wicker, willow and bamboo.